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At Gow & Partners we are progressive and forward thinking, however, we are also incredibly proud of our history too. Established in 2012 by Alexander Gow, we have proudly served numerous clients and communities since, making groundbreaking achievements in the world of accountancy services. We are located northern in the town Darwen, and are well positioned to take care of clients from all over the country.

If you are looking for your one stop shop for all things numbers then we are the firm to take care of all your accounting needs. From accounting and payroll to tax investigation and bankruptcy, we have the experience in what it takes to run a successful and growing business.

At Gow & Partners, we are always looking for new ways to serve you. Our small team was expanded in 2019 with two new directors with fresh and innovative ideas to take our firm into a new and leading direction. We are also moving to a bigger location with more staff and dedicated account managers so that we can better serve our clients.