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Tax Investigation
Tax Investigation

Tax investigations and enquiries are part and parcel of being in the business world. The nature of any investigation is going to cause some concern for any director or business owner. Whether you are targeted or chosen at random by the HMRC, it can cause undue stress and panic. The best thing you can do is hire an experienced accounting firm to assist you through the process and offer advice at every step of the way.

Gow & Partners are qualified and well equipped to take you through the process. We can help you prepare for any question or enquiry relating to your taxes so that you can face any scrutiny confidently. Our tax enquiry services cover:

  • VAT investigations
  • PAYE investigations
  • NIC investigations
  • Full enquiries

Tax enquiries can be costly and so we offer insurance to all our clients to cover any surprise enquiries. 

The best way to avoid a targeted tax enquiry is to always ensure you are up to date with any changes with the law or regulations. By employing a well reputed accountancy firm such as Gow & Partners, you can ensure you are always up to date with all your paperwork, including your taxes.