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Cloud Accounting
Cloud Accounting

Traditional accounting is usually undertaken on software that is stored locally on your computer or device. Cloud accounting, on the other hand, takes place on software that is hosted remotely on the cloud. Cloud computing is essentially the storing and use of data online, rather than on a hard drive. 

Some of the benefits of cloud accounting are that you can access the data anywhere and on any device. This is ever important in a world where the workplace is evolving and more and more people are working remotely. You can also automate many accounting processes. This means it is time-saving, allowing both ourselves and our clients the ability to focus on other services. 

At Gow & Partners, one of the reasons we promote cloud accounting is because it allows us to serve our clients from anywhere and at any time. In addition to this, your accounts and data are more secure than on a physical laptop or hard drive, which can be stolen or compromised at any time. It also reduces paper use, which means you need to invest less in storage and office space. 

At our firm, we use QuickBooks as our software which is high quality, functional and reliable. Some of the cloud accounting services we are proud to offer include unlimited telephone support, cloud conversions and QuickBooks benefits. Free help and installation are offered as part of our package, and we also offer onsite training. At Gow & Partners we are committed to helping you achieve business success by ensuring that your accounts are always in order. Providing an accessible and easy to use service is part of our promise to you.