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Xero App Spotlight - Fluidly
Xero App Spotlight - Fluidly


Carrying on with our new Xero App Spotlight blog series, we are delighted to be honing in on a very special app, known by the name of Fluidly.

The Fluidly vision espouses a new way of thinking about finance, which they have branded as Intelligent Cashflow- a title we certainly cannot dispute!

You can say goodbye to traditional cashflow forecasting, where monthly models are built on spreadsheets, which often take days to build and hours to update. This painful fact renders them way too high level to manage cashflow day-to-day (the time when it really matters), but Fluidly are looking to change all that.

The app provides business owners with all things cashflow, all in one place, as well as the tools to get cash in the bank fast.



How Does Fluidly Work?


To reiterate, Fluidly is fundamentally rethinking the way businesses plan and manage cashflow, providing an incredibly intuitive and unique technology.

They operate using data science, accounting domain expertise and machine learning, providing businesses with intuitive cashflow forecasting/management powered by AI.



Is Fluidly for you?


Fluidly was designed with the core belief that cashflow forecasting and management is the gateway to financial decision-making.

Therefore, this app is for modern businesses that want to know exactly what their financial future holds, as well as how to optimise it.

Whether you want to hire a team member, open an extra office, invest in new equipment, or simply pay an upcoming bill, it is vital to know whether you will have the money to afford it.

If not, the results could be disastrous for the productivity and longevity of your business.

A clear picture of your future cash position is important, so you can take the decisions that count.

Fluidly takes transaction data from your accounting system and uses this to automagically forecast your financial future in minutes and down to invoice-level detail. No more sleepless nights, just complete cashflow confidence.



Integrate with Xero


As with all of the apps covered in this blog series, Fluidly can be downloaded via the Xero App Store, which was covered in an earlier blog- simply click here if you missed it.

Fluidly connects seamlessly with Xero to create an accurate cashflow forecast in minutes, that’s always up to date.



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