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Update - Investment in Technology & Customer Relations
Update - Investment in Technology & Customer Relations


At Gow and Partners, we have a vested interest in keeping up with the latest, innovative accounting technology.

We take pride in implementing tools that feel will improve the client experience, especially in terms of convenience and nourishing our working relationships.

This blog post seeks to update everyone on our recent advancements, in light of the above.



New Point of Contact


We are pleased to announce that we have welcomed a new new employee to our Gow team.

This individual will now serve as the the main point of contact for our clients when they call or visit us at our offices.

They will specialise in dealing with any initial queries you may have, transferring you to our directors when needed.

This change will help in providing an improved, tailored customer service for all!



New Hihi technology


We have made a recent investment in Google certified Hihi technology, which has been provided for the entire Gow team.

This efficient, touchscreen technology (depicted in the photograph) is incredibly exciting and will revolutionize the way our company functions.

For example, every Hihi is equipped with a webcam, allowing us to provide remote Zoom meetings at the client’s convenience.

Amid the ongoing restrictions of the pandemic, we feel that this will serve as a good alternative to face-to-face meetings, until this becomes possible once more.

However, even when the pandemic improves, we will always keep this as an option for our clients. This is because we understand that, for whatever reason, it is not always easy for everyone to get to us in the working week.

The Hihi boasts not just a phone, but a touch screen tablet, which can provide flexibility and keep us connected whenever we may need to work from home.

It has been said that the Hihi is ‘a devise as individual as you and your business’ and we could not vouch for this more.



Contact us for More Information!


If any of our clients are interested in the prospect of implementing Hihi technology into their business, then please get in touch.

This could be especially helpful for employers/employees working from home, since Hihi products were designed, in part, to keep everyone connected no matter where they are working.

We would be more than happy to give you a run down and how everything works and the subsequent benefits, as well as referring you to our main point of contact at the Hihi company.

Simply give us a call on 01254 589799, or email us at info@gowandpartners.co.uk