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Software Update - Syft Analytics
Software Update - Syft Analytics


We are excited to announce that Gow and Partners will now be offering business insights from Syft Analytics.

This will form an additional service, available for any client who is interested in understanding their business further.

Continue reading to learn about the software and how it could benefit your business and its growth prospects.



About the Software

In a nutshell, Syft Analytics is comprised of reporting and data analytics software that helps businesses to better understand their financial data.

Syft Analytics is full of features that help you understand financial data, create reports, forecast the future, track progress, and benchmark performance. You can even connect data from QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, and Excel.

The software can assist in improving profitability, since it helps you to take actions that improve revenue and reduce costs with powerful visualizations, reports, insights, and AI capabilities

It will also improve your capacity to deliver impact, directing you in improving key performance metrics, including performance vs. peers, entity valuation, customer behaviour, and future financial position.

Most attractively, gone are of reviewing year-old, historic data!

Using Syft Analytics alongside our services will ensure that your accounts are as accurate as possible, since you will have access to real time reports, with live, comparable information.

This will be provided on a monthly basis, allowing you to use todays information to impact tomorrows decisions.



Contact Gow & Partners


For new and existing clients interested in utilizing Syft Analytics, on top of our bespoke accounting packages, simply call 01254 589799 today.

Alternatively, you can fill in a contact form, or send us an email at info@gowandpartners.co.uk.