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Reducer App Partnership
Reducer App Partnership


Gow and Partners have partnered up with Reducer, an incredible app trusted by over 9,000 businesses across the UK.

Reducer reviews business spending, connecting to the likes of Xero and QuickBooks to provide cheaper alternatives to recurring bills, such as monthly electric and telephone expenses.

The core costs of your business are compared against hundreds of suppliers to find a cheaper deal, making it the perfect app for any business owner looking to reduce their annual spend

Differing from your ordinary, run-of-the-mill comparison site, Reducer offers your business so much more.

Operating using the exact figures of your business, the app gives you bespoke comparisons of optimum precision, handling the deals you choose to take in what can only be described as a faultless, hassle-free process.

What’s more, these savings on your business costs are quick, easy and free!



Choose. Switch. Save.


Reducer works by integrating with your cloud accounting platform to find you savings, creating a personalised cost savings report for your business.

As an accountant partner of Reducer, we can connect your Xero or QuickBooks account to the app and converse with them on your behalf, making the process even simpler.

Helping you to take control of your finances, the report will leave you well-informed in choosing the deals that suit you, since it will highlight the suppliers offering the fairest deal for your business

While ourselves and Reducer will handle the process, you will always stay in control, never entering into any contracts that you haven’t explicitly consented to.

Reducer find you savings on electricity, gas, water, card payments, telecoms, waste, mobile, fuel and more.

The cost advisory experts that run Reducer will help you to make better buying decisions through research-backed recommendations, providing the certainty that you’ll get a fair deal.

Whatever contracts you’re switching, these advisors are on hand to answer any questions you may have about your current or prospective contract



End Expiry Date Anxiety


Stay on top of expiry dates with automated contract management.

Once you’re connected to the Reducer system, the app will keep tabs on your contract end dates so that you don’t have to, notifying you when it’s time to consider a new contract.

You never have to worry about expiring contracts again. Simply sit back, relax, and await their call.



Gow x Reducer Partnership


Reducer is a completely free service. They receive a small fee from the supplier if and when you switch. Some of this fee is then passed onto our firm in gratitude for our partnership. We can reinvest these funds into the support we have on offer for you, our clients.

You’ll be connected on the 17th of  May. If Reducer spots areas for improvement, you’ll be sent a link to your report. If you’d prefer not to take part, you can opt-out of the process here.



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Alternatively, you can fill in a contact form, or send us an email at info@gowandpartners.co.uk.