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Help to Grow – Management Course
Help to Grow – Management Course


The UK Government are currently backing the Help to Grow scheme, which offers two professional programmes, both designed to aid businesses hoping to grow.

This week we will cover the ‘Help to Grow: Management Course’, before moving on to detail the ‘Help to Grow: Digital’ programme next week, so make sure to stay tuned.

Are you the senior manager of a small/medium business, looking to boost your business’s performance, resilience, and long-term growth? If your answer is yes, then this course may be exactly what you need to achieve your ambitions.



What does the Management Course Offer?

After signing up to the course, you will receive 1:1 support from a business mentor, as well as access to an alumni network.

Delivered in partnership with Small Business Charter, courses are running at leading business schools across the UK.​

The programme is 90% funded by the government, so you will only pay £750.

The 12-week course is designed to be taken alongside full-time work, through a combination of online sessions and face-to-face learning.



Specific Course Features


Eight facilitated online two-hour sessions.

Four practical, face-to-face case study workshops.

10 hours of one-to-one support from a mentor with experience of running a business, providing you with personalised support to develop your own business growth plan.

Peer networking, including peer group calls that give you the opportunity to share experiences with a small group of other small business leaders.

Access to the Alumni Programme featuring events with inspirational speakers, business clinics and networking events.



By the end of the Course, you will have:


Recognised with more clarity what drives productivity and growth in your market and understands what this means for your business.

Identified key domestic and export markets for your business and develop strategies for marketing segmentation, positioning and targeting.

Enhanced your ability to lead the growth of your business. The in-depth curriculum will support you to build your capabilities in leadership, innovation, digital adoption, employee engagement, marketing, responsible business, and financial management.

Produced a Growth Action Plan to help you in your quest of achieving your business’s growth potential.



Useful Links


For full details of the module content, you can refer to the course brochure .

Help to Grow Management Courses in operation throughout the UK, with more educational locations being added on a regular basis. Click here to find a course near you.



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