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Help to grow – Digital
Help to grow – Digital


The UK Government are currently backing a Help to Grow scheme, which is offering two professional programmes, both designed to aid businesses hoping to grow.

Last week we covered the  Help to Grow - Management Scheme, so feel free to look at that if you missed it. This week we move on to detail the Help to Grow Digital programme.

Are you interested in learning how to utilise digital technology to grow your business? If you are, then this programme may be exactly what you need to get started.



What does the Digital Programme Offer?

This programme offers free, impartial online support to business owners like you, regarding the ways in which digital technology can boost the overall performance of your business.

If your business is eligible, you will also be able to access a discount of up to 50%, towards the costs of buying approved software, worth up to £5,000.

The scheme is currently in a BETA trial and all eligible businesses will be able to apply from January 2022.



Prospective Benefits


When SME trading only happened offline, competing with bigger brands is next to impossible. Developing a digital presence can boost your sales massively, since you will be reaching more people.

By changing how you manage your essential data, you can save time on everyday tasks, so that you can spend time driving your business.

You can also connect your systems, which not only saves you time, but provides you with better insights.

Use digital data to understand your customers- knowing the wants and needs of your customers is vital for retaining clients and attracting new ones!



Useful Links


You can watch Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s introductory video on the digital programme by clicking here.

To register your interest, simply click here.



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