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COVID-19 And How We Can Help Your Business
COVID-19 And How We Can Help Your Business


The recent Coronavirus pandemic has created significant challenges for individuals and businesses everywhere. With many small businesses unable to keep afloat through lockdown measures, the future can look uncertain and bleak for some. During these uncertain times, having professional guidance can make all the difference. At Gow & Partners we are committed to helping all our clients ride through the storm.


Up to date information


It is no secret that the coronavirus pandemic is new territory for everyone, including the government. New guidelines, advice and legislation is emerging all the time. It can be difficult to keep up with the latest information and discern whether it applies to you. At Gow & Partners we are on hand to keep you informed at all times and provide you with all the information that is relevant to you and your business.


Transferring bookkeeping and accounts online


If you haven’t taken the plunge already, this pandemic is the perfect time to start storing more data online. Many high profile, large-scale meetings and conferences have been taking place virtually all around the world to facilitate social distancing and stop the spread of the coronavirus. In addition, people are making use of online services more and more. As a business, you may benefit from transferring more of your physical data online which can not only save you money long term, but also help you keep on top of your accounts and bookkeeping.


Give your business the best chance of survival


During the coronavirus crisis, many businesses are uncertain about the future. At Gow & Partners we are committed to ensuring that you have the best chance of survival possible, and perhaps even the chance to thrive during this pandemic. Amongst other things, we can do this by helping you apply for the Business Loan Scheme. We can also help arrange time to pay agreements with HMRC. 

In addition, we can advise on rescue packages available and help you restructure your business, if necessary, to make sure it is operating as efficiently as possible. We can also ensure that you are not overpaying on tax at a time when saving money is important for every business. There are also new laws relating to statutory sick pay, and other employee related laws that we can help you apply for, so that you always stay on the right side of the law. 

Finally, maintaining a sense of control is important for your overall health. Having professional guidance to navigate these new waters is important so that you do not bring yourself any unnecessary panic or stress.


Gow & Partners


Professional guidance during this time is paramount to ensuring that you always feel in control. At Gow & Partners, we are progressive, innovative and forward thinking. We are always looking for the best strategies to help save you both time and money. The pandemic is no different. Our relationships with our clients are important to us through every situation.