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Cloud Accounting – Xero
Cloud Accounting – Xero


At Gow and Partners, we go above and beyond to make sure that all of our clients have access to the best accounting software in the business world.

Experts when it comes to cloud accounting, we operate using two main platforms: Xero and QuickBooks.

Being in direct contact with both, we are pleased to be in the position to offer these services to both new and existing clients at a heavily discounted price.

If you are not yet sold on the benefits of cloud accounting- over the more traditional methodologies- we suggest that you take a look at our previous blog post on the matter.

This week we are we shift our attention to Xero, delving deeper into its thorough range of features, and how they could benefit those businesses requiring something a little extra than the mere basics.



Who Would Benefit the Most?


Generally speaking, we believe that Xero is most suited to more complex businesses, since it encompasses more features than QuickBooks, and can be integrated with other apps to create a highly sophisticated and intricate software.

Having said that, we hold no objections to less complex businesses who would like to take liberty of what Xero has to offer- being thorough never hurt anyone!



Features of Xero


Xero has enabled many businesses to transition from flawed to bespoke accounting software, which can be navigated with minimal accounting knowledge.

The beauty of Xero is that everything is in one place, allowing you to see your invoices, contacts, and accounts online when you sync your bank and financial information.

What’s more, you can access this software from anywhere in the world, at your convenience, making informed business decisions using real-time financial data, while also collaborating with ease.

Most exciting of all, the options for customisation are endless as you can personalise xero by connecting other apps to the software.


Specific features are as follows:


  1. Pay bills - track and pay bills on time. And get a clear overview of accounts payable and cash flow.
  2. Submit VAT returns online - Xero calculates VAT and files VAT returns online securely with HMRC, using software that is compatible with HMRC systems.
  3. Claim expenses - simplify employee expense claims. You can capture costs, submit, approve and reimburse claims, as well as viewing spending.
  4. Bank connections - connect your bank to Xero and set up bank feeds. Transactions flow straight into Xero each business day.
  5. Accept payments - accept payments online and get paid up to twice as fast by connecting to Stripe, GoCardless and other apps.
  6. Track projects - quote, invoice and get paid for jobs, plus keep track of time, costs and project profitability within Xero.
  7. Payroll - pay employees with HMRC-recognised online payroll software. Automate tax, pay and pension calculations.
  8. Bank reconciliation - keep your financials in Xero up to date. Categorise your bank transactions each day using our suggested matches.
  9. Contacts and smartlists - look up a customer or supplier to see a full history of sales, emails, invoices and payments as well as contact details.
  10. Capture data - get copies of original documents and key data into Xero automatically without manual data entry using Hubdoc.
  11. Files - use Xero as your online filing system. Manage and share documents, contracts, bills and receipts safely from anywhere.
  12. Reporting - track your finances with accurate accounting reports. And collaborate with your advisor online in real time.
  13. Inventory - keep track of what’s in stock with inventory software. Populate invoices and orders with items you buy and sell.
  14. Send invoices - work smarter with intuitive invoicing software. Send invoices from your phone or desktop as soon as the job is done.
  15. Multi-currency accounting - pay and get paid in over 160 currencies, with up-to-date exchange rates and instant currency conversions.
  16. Purchase orders - create and send purchase orders online with purchase order software. Keep track of orders and deliveries at every step.
  17. Quotes - create online or PDF quotes that make a great impression. Send them instantly from your phone or from the office.
  18. Analytics Plus - see future cash flow, check financial health and track metrics. For extra features, upgrade to Analytics Plus.


Contact Gow & Partners for Guidance


Recognising that not one software fits all, we are eager to provide you with a tailored service.

This is why we offer different tiers within any programme, in accordance with the accounting needs of your business.

Why not give get in contact with our friendly Gow team for a free, one-on-one consultation?

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