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Cloud Accounting – What we Offer
Cloud Accounting – What we Offer


At Gow and Partners, we pride ourselves on offering professional, tailored services across the board.

Experts when it comes to cloud accounting, we operate using two main platforms: Xero and QuickBooks. This software is offered to new and existing clients at a heavily discounted price.

In this blog we will discuss cloud accounting and its benefits, as well as the key features of the aforementioned gold star software.



What Are the Benefits of Cloud Accounting?


Nothing has changed the way business operates as much as the internet, and cloud technology in particular has meant that we can store much of our data online and access it from anywhere.

In addition to the personal benefits, using cloud technology can transform the way that you run your business for the better.

Accounts, in particular, can pile up into huge physical files over time. They can be difficult to manage and expensive to store. Your desktop system is also far from infallible and could be lost easily due to a technical error or burglary.

Cloud-based accounting, however, offers all the security you could hope for, alongside both reliability and accessibility.

By switching to cloud accounting, you will save time and money, enjoy the convenience of instant access and easy collaboration, and rest easy knowing you’ve got iron clad security and higher sustainability levels.

What’s not to love?



Xero: Key Features


Xero has been a life-saver for many small businesses, enabling them to move from poor accounting software to bespoke accounting software, which (for once) they can navigate with minimal accounting knowledge.


Users also enjoy accessing their software from anywhere in the world, at their convenience, making informed business decisions using real-time financial data.


Key Features include:


  1. Everything in one place- see your invoices, contacts, and accounts online.
  2. Connect to your bank- easily sync bank and financial information.
  3. Collaborate in real time- invite your advisor in and work together anywhere.
  4. Customise to suit your needs- personalisation via connecting other apps to Xero.





QuickBooks is a simple, smart accounting software and expert source of support, all in one place.

From invoices and expenses to VAT, taxes, and time tracking, this platform has you covered.


Key features include:

  1. Stay on top of taxes- with self-assessment, VAT, payroll and construction taxes (CIS), there’s no drama about deadlines when all your info’s already in QuickBooks.
  2. Manage your expenses- say goodbye to paper receipts, since QuickBooks will extract the info you need from a photo. You can track mileage automatically too and save hours at tax time.
  3. Power through payroll- pay day will be hassle free with this no-nonsense cloud-based payroll software, which sorts payslips and pensions, then makes real-time submissions to HMRC.



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